Why is World AIDS Day Celebrated? What is the World AIDS day 2018 theme

On First December 2018, United Nations agency WHO will be a part of world partners to commemorate World AIDS Day underneath the theme “Know Your Status”. this can even be an incident to celebrate the thirtieth day of remembrance of World AIDS Day – a pioneering world health campaign 1st initiated by United Nations agency in 1988.

World AIDS day 2018 theme

WHO support and communication for World AIDS Day 2018 can aim to realize the subsequent objectives:

Urge individuals to understand their HIV infection standing through testing, and to access HIV bar, treatment and care services;

Urge policy-makers to push a “health for all” agenda for HIV and connected health services, like infectious disease (TB), infectious disease and noncontagious diseases.

World AIDS Day is marked annually on Dec 1, 2018, globally, people and governments are conducive by spreading awareness and donating to the cause.

The purpose of Worlds AIDS Day is to coach individuals regarding HIV to scale back additional individuals from catching the unwellness, to scale back the stigma close those that bear it and to boost cash for analysis.

World AIDS Day is that the time for individuals around the world to return along in their fight against HIV, and provides AIDS victims with the support they have. It’s conjointly the date dedicated to commemorating those that have kicked the bucket from the virus. Hence the World AIDS day 2018 theme is a good initiative to remind, follow, be aware and eleminate and prevent.

World AIDS Day: thirtieth day of remembrance

World AIDS Day was supported by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in one987 and that they in agreement that the primary observance ought to air Dec 1. World AIDS Day has thus been commemorated on Dec one since 1988, creating this year its thirtieth day of remembrance.

World AIDS Day 2018 theme: understand your standing

Each year, the campaign encompasses a specific theme. the globe AIDS Day 2018 theme is “Know your standing.” Last year, the globe AIDS Day theme was “My Health, My Right.”

Know your status: What will it mean?

The 2018 theme “Know your status” highlights the importance of individuals obtaining tested for HIV.

The reason behind this year’s necessary theme is because of a report by UNAIDS lightness that solely 75% of individuals living with HIV are attentive to their standing, which means that 9.40 million individuals aren’t aware that they’re HIV-positive as they haven’t been tested.

This year, we would like to encourage individuals to travel to the doctors and find a biopsy, as many of us United Nations agency bear the unwellness aren’t attentive to it and inadvertently unfold the sickness away from unprotected sex which is World AIDS day 2018 theme.

World AIDS day 2018 theme

What are you able to do for World AIDS Day?

Due to the theme, you ought to undoubtedly use the day to urge tested yourself as you’ll be able to ne’er be too careful. Encourage others to urge tested too, as there’s no shame in doing so.

Help within the fight to erase stigma and discrimination against HIV victims, raise cash for important analysis, and highlight to the general public and government for the necessity of instruction.

The red ribbon (and red products)

People will show commonality by red, or additional specifically, by sporting the enduring red ribbon for HIV awareness. The red ribbon may be an image that you simply support the cause, and you’ll be able to catch on at numerous charity stores or online.

Where did the red ribbon come back from?

In 1991, there was a large stigma close those that had HIV. However fortunately, twelve artists recognised the necessity for modification. They met to discuss a project for Visual Aids, an HIV-awareness art organisation in the big apple.

It was throughout their meeting that they came up with the symbolic red ribbon—something for caring individuals to wear, signifying their support.

The artists distributed the red ribbons themselves. throughout now, there was text on the ribbons explaining the which means behind it.

In mere weeks, they might be seen everyplace as well as on celebrities United Nations agency walked down the red carpet. Soon, the text wasn’t required in the least because the image was crystal clear.

HIV statistics: what percentage individuals have died from AIDS?

AIDS was 1st recognised as associate unwellness in 1984, creating it solely thirty-four years recent (that we have a tendency to formally understand of).

The virus quickly became one amongst the foremost deadly pandemics, with over thirty-five million recorded deaths.

Thankfully, there’s currently palmy HIV treatment and laws to shield victims of the unwellness. Still, additional awareness should unfold.

HIV statistics: what percentage individuals bear HIV?

There are roughly 37 million people that bear the unwellness round the world.

In the UK alone, there are 102,000 individuals living with HIV, the bulk residing within the seashore city Bournemouth. There, doubly as several residents bear HIV as compared to the national average.

And despite such a big amount of AIDS campaigns, annually within the UK, roughly five,000 individuals still get diagnosed with HIV.

How the UK has achieved with HIV prevention targets?

What has been seen as a heartwarming effective approach by the united kingdom which is one amongst the primary countries to fulfil UNAIDS targets for HIV bar. Public Health European nation (PHE) found that there was a good decrease in new HIV diagnoses within Britain with 4,422 new cases diagnosed in 2017, representing a 17% decrease.

Where Does the US stand in its contribution towards the prevention of AIDS

In the US it has around 1.2 million individuals abide associate HIV infection, of whom V-day square measure unaware of their infection. Gay and bisexual men, African Americans, and Latinos stay disproportionately littered with HIV/AIDS within the U.S.

A number of US government agencies have moved within the common reason behind turning the tide against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. They support a spread of activities from analysis to technical help and support to alternative nations to combat the worldwide HIV/AIDS pandemic. These world activities square measure coordinated with PEPFAR.

This shows that we’re taking a step in the right direction, and every year, we have a tendency to hope the drop continues.

Remembering the World AIDS day 2018 theme get involved by contacting your nearest clinic, and show your support with the red ribbon.

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